Dennis Jr’s remix of Kohib’s ‘The Fang Song’

Hello there!

You can listen to my remix of Kohib’s ‘The Fang Song’ on Soundcloud:

You can buy it on Juno: -remixes/1877281-02/

What can I say when I’m not a real fan of putting songs in genres.
Downtempo funky electronica with female melancholic vocals evolving into atmospheric house?

Anyway, have nice day!

Best grooves,
Dennis Sandoo Jr.

New Multefunk video by Paul Ross

Another collaboration between Dennis Jr and Paul Ross.
Music by the electronic artist Dennis Jr.
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Paul Ross is a video producer and animator from the UK. His previous work covers motion graphics, video art & installation, cartoon animation and music production and has been well recieved by the international community. Currently he is focused on music video production.
Please see the link for a recent showreel of work:
If you require a media and design solution please contact: